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About E.S. Safety Systems Inc.

E.S. Safety Systems Inc. has been in the Fire Service Industry since 2002, with the intention of increasing firefighter safety and increasing fire ground efficiencies to better assist in the performance of your job.

I'm extremely proud to be a Professional Firefighter and member of the International Association of Firefighters through local 2036 Whitby, Ontario, Canada. As a firefighter out there everyday the one thing that concerned me the most was the manner in which we handled our spare SCBA cylinders. Coming to the fire service from a background in the propane gas industry,
as a multi-certificate holder with TSSA and the Ontario Propane Association
over-seeing safe handling and storage of pressure vessels with reguards to transportation of dangerous goods, I felt present practices had to be addressed.

Thus our first product the SAFE"T"SYSTEM holder/carrier & securing system.
In the near future we plan to introduce other innovative products in keeping with our Mission Statement. To improve firefighter efficiency, to increase firefighter's personal safety and ultimately to improve firefighter's odds of a positive conclusion to each and every emergency incident!

Welcome to our site and check back often.

Rick Denike, President

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